Be a Wholesale Customer

Register with Herbalife as a distributor and this allows you to purchase the products at wholesale prices. Once registered, there are no mandatory monthly fees or purchases, just order when you want at wholesale prices.

Herbalife Business Pack includes:


  • Herbalife Shoulder Bag
  • Distributor Registration Form
  • Career Manuals
  • Marketing Plan DVD
  • Personalise Your Programme DVD
  • Pitch Book & Green ring binder
  • Product Information Guide
  • Mini Product Brochure
  • Nutrition Brochure
  • Programmes Guide
  • Meal Planner Guide
  • Lean Protein Estimator
  • Promote! catalogue
  • Protein Snack flyer
  • Lose Weight Now button

  • Formula 1 French Vanilla container

*Bonus Free Websites* Just for registering through our group you’ll also receive:


1) A FREE online store 2) A FREE second online store 3) A FREE business referral website

 If you are interested in becoming a wholesale customer or would like more information please fill out the following form and we will be in touch with you ASAP.

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