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Jim PooreJim Poore: At 280kg “I thought my only hope was gastric-bypass”
It was the arrival of our new baby that made me say enough is enough. It used to take me up to 10 mins to get up off the floor and when I realized that as a parent you sometimes have to move quickly – very quickly, to keep your child from dangerous situations, I had to do something. I also recognized that at this weight I was unlikely to be alive long enough to see my little girl grow up. I had sever back pain, sleepapnia, swelling in my legs and feet and everything was a struggle. I have now lost over 186 kg (410 lbs) and I have a life again. I am now physically half the person I used to be but I’m twice the person I was. I can’t begin to express my gratitude.

Jim’s results have been as follows: In my first 3 weeks I lost 23 kg, 90 days I lost 45 kg, after 1 year I had lost 124 kg. After 21 months I have lost 186 kg. My thighs are now smaller than what my calves used to be! And I have lost 43 inches off my waist.


EliFrom Wheezing up a Staircase to Training for a Marathon!
Eli knew he was putting on weight. The self-described “chocoholic” had been giving in to his powerful sweet tooth more and more, and he even started taking naps just to get through the day. “With my weight over 90 kilos, my wife was really worried about me.” But the energy boost he felt on the program was so strong, Eli participated in a marathon a few months later. “Because of a knee injury, I only made it 18 miles,” Eli says. “But considering the shape I was in before, what a great success that was!” Eli went on to drop 20 kilos, add 4.5 kilos of muscle and slim his waist from a size 38 to 31. “I’m training again for this year’s marathon!” Eli exclaims.

Here’s How:
Core Program: Formula 1 shakes and Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex.
Don’t fight your sweet tooth-enjoy two snacks a day, like Protein Bars.
Make your shake really delicious by adding frozen raspberries.
Enjoy great, low-fat snacks-like unsweetened applesauce and nonfat ricotta cheese with vanilla extract, a pinch of cinnamon and a squeeze of chocolate syrup

Before: 95 kg, After: 75 kg, Lost: 20 kg


Judy-B-ezrPeople constantly tell me, “You look 20 years younger”.
With her high-school reunion right around the corner, Judy Brownlow wanted to look her best. So when she reconnected with her high-school sweetheart online, and heard from him the success others had found with the Herbalife’s Program.

For 10 years, Judy had struggled to reshape her figure. “When you have extra weight, no matter how good of a person you are, people just look at you differently,” recalls Judy. Altogether, the Herbalife program has helped her lose an astonishing 50 kilos – and changed her figure from a size 18 to a 10.

“Once I started losing weight, my self-esteem greatly improved,” Judy says. Not only did she look better than she ever did in school, the targeted nutrition products she used to complement the program helped alleviate the pain in her back, knees and feet.

“I have so much energy; it’s like I’m back in college!”


Malcolm-Botterill_ezrMalcolm lost 41 kilos!
I’ve been overweight for as long as I can remember. Health problems meant I was always exhausted and I would often doze off at work. By Christmas 2005 I weighed 114 kg and very tight fitting 3XL-sized clothing.

I was introduced to Herbalife in January 2006 and what a revelation! The variety of weight management products on offer was so much better than anything I had used before – with four shake flavors and a proper meal each day, as well as extra Herbalife snacks (chocolate protein bars and roasted soy nuts). In 18 months I lost a total of 41 kg and I am now down to medium-sized clothing – the first time as an adult that I’ve not had any large-sized clothing. I’ve gone from a waist size of 122 cm to a current 86 cm. And because I’m sleeping better, I have a lot more energy.

I have lost enough weight now that I am comfortable exercising and now power walk and jog for 4 kms four times a week. The best part of this programme is that I am no longer hungry between meals so I do NOT need massive will power to keep to it. This is without doubt the best and easiest way for me of losing weight and feeling better that I have every tried.

Please just give it a go for yourself! Malcolm B, VIC

Products used: Formula l Shake, Multivitamin, Formula 4, Protein Bars, Roasted Soy Nuts, Herbal Aloe Concentrate.
Before 114 kg, After 73 kg


Sharon-lost-20kg_ezrI’m feeling the best I have felt in over ten years! After more than a decade of living the expatriate lifestyle overseas not getting enough exercise, having a few too many social drinks and eating out at far too many restaurants, my return home to Australia left me looking the most unhealthy I have been in years. Weighing in at most 100kg and wearing a size 20, I needed help – fast!

A letterbox drop invitation to join my local Weight Loss Challenge prompted me to act. After missing the first two weeks of a 12-week challenge, I eventually signed up and weighed in. I had made the choice to change.

I didn’t want to be fat anymore, and I knew it was time for action, so it was game on!

The Formula 1 shakes with soy milk and fresh fruit were an instant hit with me – I loved the taste and the convenience of not having to think about breakfast and lunch. Not only that, I was satisfied, not hungry, and it got me through to the next meal with very few cravings. Dinner was always welcome and I enjoyed being allowed to chew something at the end of the day.

Discipline was the key and I did not deviate from the routine for ten weeks in a row – a shake for brekkie, a small piece of fruit at 10am, a shake for lunch, a protein bar for an afternoon snack and a bright colourful dinner every evening; no alcohol, no soft drinks and no naughty sweets – my only treats were the yummy Herbalife protein bars which I love; and at least 30 minutes per day of brisk walking, which ended up being around an hour a day as I got fitter.

I was motivated by my own successes as every week I lost more and more weight, and after ten weeks I had dropped 16kg and had gone from size 20 to size 14. You can’t imagine how happy this has made me! I have my self-control back and now I know what to do – it’s not hard, it’s just a new mind set.

I won the challenge and the $350 prize money, but the real prize to me was my health. I haven’t felt this good in years – I am sleeping properly again, I look good, I feel good and I am continuing to lose weight even though the challenge is now over. I am now down to 80 kg and am aiming to reach my new goal of 70kg by the end of the year. Thanks Herbalife – I’m so impressed with the power of this product!

Before: 100 kg, After: 80 kg
Lost: 20 kg to date,
Time Frame: 16kg in 10 weeks


Mike-Kristy“I feel like dancing again!”
“I was a performance dancer for many years,” recalls Kristy Chase. “Even though I’d always been relatively healthy and active, in recent years I’d been trying to shed a stubborn 10 kgs.”

When she started using the Herbalife products, Kristy’s boyfriend, Mike Navarra, was facing more serious health issues. “At 26 years old”, Mike says, “my doctor said my weight was making me unhealthy.”

Kristy: “This is how we’re supposed to feel”.

Whenever Mike picked up Kristy to go out, he’d find her enjoying a shake. “One day”, says Mike, “Kristy convinced me to try one – and I loved the taste!” Kristy went on to drop those last 10 kg and regain her dancer’s physique, while Mike lost 30 kg and dramatically improved his health. “We’re more active and energetic today than we’ve ever been!” exclaims Kristy.

Mike: “At 28, I feel better than I did at 21”.

Here’s How: Start by just committing to five days. After that, the program is so much easier because it’s routine. Make your shake taste like a favorite dessert. Add chocolate soy milk. Favorites French Vanilla Formula 1 shake with frozen fruit.


Loretto_Bef_ezrHerbalife Weight Loss & Health Success
Before Herbalife weight loss program, I was overweight, tired, stressed, rundown, suffered with asthma, allergies, cellulite, cold sores, headaches and actually managed to go to the gym 5 times a week.

I had always been quite a fitness fanatic, going to the gym about 5 times a week. Being of Spanish decent, I love my food and had never been prepared to give it up, so figured I’d balance it out by exercising.

This had worked for years, but in the 6 months prior to Herbalife weight loss program, it had stopped working, I just seemed to be getting bigger and bigger and needed to do something about it.

Luckily enough I stumbled across Herbalife weight loss products from Herbalif Distributor. When I started on the Ultimate programme, I was 67 kg. I’m only 5″2, so I was quite big for my height.

In my first week ? I lost weight 4 kg. Then I went on to lose weight 12 kg in 12 weeks, and reach my desired weight of 55 kg. I have now maintained that weight for over 12 months, and in that time have actually shed a couple more kgs. My weight now hovers around 51 ? 52 kg. I dropped from a dress size 14 to a size 8. All my CELLULITE ? disappeared!!! And I had a lot of it to start!!!

The impressive thing I have found though, is not the kgs I’ve lost, but the reshaping of my body. My body has reshaped itself to my ideal shape ? which I have never had control over before. In my time on the Herbalife weight loss programme, I actually stopped going to the gym totally. Amazingly, the weight was just falling off me, so I didn’t hurry back. Now I just walk my dog for exercise! I wish I’d found this solution years ago, it’s a lot easier than strenuous exercise. I’ve now outgrown my whole wardrobe and will have to buy myself a new one ? what a shame, an excuse to go shopping!

  • I used to suffer with really bad allergies, sneezing all the time, itchy mouth, ears & throat (and had to take antihistamines every day) ? that’s now cleared up.
  • I no longer use my asthma inhaler or my Seretide Accuhaler.
  • I was always really tired, falling asleep on the couch just after dinner ? now I am up till about midnight every night and still get up early and feel great all day.
  • I have not had a cold sore or a headache since using Herbalife health nutrition products.
  • My energy has definitely increased and I definitely no longer suffer with stress like I used to!!!
  • On top of all that, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Cysts on the ovaries, having a 10.5 reading of a hormone called Androstenedione. I doubled up on Tang Keui & Aloe Concentrate, and 3 months later when I got re-tested, the level had dropped to 5.5 and the cysts had gone!!!!

So all in all, the great thing is that I feel fantastic all over, inside and out, and everyone I know is constantly telling me on a day to day basis how young and fantastic I am looking. It’s a fantastic feeling ? I feel and look better now than I did at 16!

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