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christopher“For the first time in my life, I’m happy with my skin.”
“I’ve always had really low self-esteem because of my skin,” says Christopher N. “Whenever I was around other people, including my friends, I’d be convinced they were looking at my face and noticing all of the problem areas.” After trying unsuccessfully for years to deal with his skin issues, Christopher gave NouriFusion™ a try. “I started seeing the difference right away,” he remembers, “My face felt smoother and looked better than it ever had.” The improvement NouriFusion™ has made to Christopher’s skin has had a profound effect on his life. “I feel happier now than I have in a long time,” he says.


Shea_M“The difference NouriFusion® has made in my skin is like night and day!”
Shea M. has had bad skin her entire life. “I thought growing out of adolescence would mean I’d also grow out of skin problems,” she says. “No such luck!” So Shea was thrilled when Herbalife introduced the NouriFusion® skin-care product line. And today, when Shea talks about what NouriFusion® has done for her, she quite literally beams. “I love the MultiVitamin Clarifying Mask, the Night Cream and the Eye Gel. The NouriFusion® products have done more for my skin than anything I’ve tried-and I’ve tried it all,” she says. “I’m now enjoying life with healthier, smoother and more beautiful skin than ever!”

DeAnn_S“My skin looks and feels 200% better!”
My skin had started looking dull and tired,” says DeAnn S. “And there was nothing fine about the appearance of fine lines, either.” Looking for a way to regain her skin’s youthful appearance, DeAnn explains, “I’d had such success with Herbalife’s weight-loss products that I gave the NouriFusion® skincare products a try.” When she tried NouriFusion®, DeAnn recalls, “I noticed an improvement in my skin’s tone and texture very quickly. It also made a dramatic difference in those fine lines. Now, my skin looks healthier and younger than ever!”


Maria_C“My skin finally looks young and healthy.”
“People can’t believe I am almost 40,” says Maria C. What’s the secret to Maria’s youthful complexion? Using Nourifusion® twice a day, every day. “This is a skin care regimen that, if you stay with it, will give you amazing results,” Maria says. “I use Nourifusion® MultiVitamin System for Normal To Dry Skin and Eye Gel morning and evening, the Clarifying Mask once a week, and the Facial Scrub every other day. And I tell everyone to use the Nourifusion® cleanser instead of bar soap to wash their face. It doesn’t matter what your age is, or if you’re a woman or a man,” she explains. “Use the system every day for 21 days to establish your routine and experience the benefits.” For Maria, practice makes perfect!

Dennis“Today my skin shows little trace of the psoriasis”
I have suffered from psoriasis for just on 23 years. Although not painful it was very itchy and often if I walked any more than 100 metres the sores started bleeding. The problem has also limited other aspects of my life such as playing cricket. Wearing some of the protective gear was nigh on impossible. Nothing I had tried in the past had given any significant long-term results and some of the medications had undesirable side affects. It was looking like this would be with me for life.
Eleven months ago I started on some of the Herbalife products: first Formula 1 Shake then after a few weeks I included Formula 3 and Formula 5, Xtra-Cal after 2 months and Herbalifeline after 7 months. The sores began to clear leaving only red marks where they had once been, and these gradually disappeared also. Today my skin shows little trace of the psoriasis and I have also lost 7 kilos. Thank you Herbalife, Dennis.

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