Overview: RoseOx* contains antioxidant properties and is formulated to scavenge free radicals which may occur in the body. Free radicals may be generated by lifestyle factors such as excess dietary fats, cigarette smoke, alcohol consumptions, pollutants and stress.

Key Benefits:
• A powerful blend of phytonutrients with antioxidant properties
• Helps to protect the body’s cells by acting as a free-radical scavenger
• Is beneficial for individuals who may not receive an adequate intake of antioxidants and phytonutrients through their daily diet.

Details: The importance of antioxidants for maintaining good health cannot be understated. Today many of us survive on ready-meals, fast food and denatured produce. RoseOx* is a herbal dietary supplement made from Rosemary extract and blended with an exclusive combination of herbs. The antioxidant properties of rosemary, cruciferous vegetables and other herbs help ensure an adequate intake of these vital nutrients.

Usage: Take one tablet daily, preferably with a meal.