Why Herbalife?

33 years of Experience (founded in 1980).
91 Countries – (approved by 91 governing bodies).
Millions of Customers Worldwide
Medical Scientific Advisory Board.
Cellular & Molecular Nutrition Lab – Research Facility.
Top Scientists: Nobel Prize winner – Dr. Lou Ignarro.

Backed by a solid 33 years of success, Herbalife International is a world leader in the weight-loss, nutritional and personal-care industries. Currently it conducts business in 91 countries through independent distributors. Herbalife is poised for even greater expansion in today’s exciting global marketplace, with new countries being added each year.

herbalife-family-foundationHerbalife is a leader in developing the most advanced weight management, nutritional and personal-care products. Advanced technologies have been utilized to create formulas for every need-whether related to gender, age, or a specific area of the body. These products are based on advances in food science, micronutrient supplementation and herbal science. They have been created to enhance your quality of life and to prepare you for a healthy future.

Herbalife emphasizes herbs and other natural ingredients in our weight loss, nutritional and personal care product lines. Our exclusive formulations appeal to the growing consumer interest in herbal and natural products.

Lucy Menzies

I have always been interested in health and beauty but could never find the right vehicle to fulfill my dreams.

I have tried lots of diets, exercise regimes and products with no successful results. I either lost some weight but had to deprive lots of food, felt faint due to the lack of nutrition and couldn’t maintain my weight or muscle tone.

After trying the Herbalife nutritional programme I was able to easily lose 7kg, 50 cm off my frame the healthy nutritious way and build lean muscle.

I gained lots of energy which I lacked and need especially having 2 young children and working full time. My lower back pain has disappeared and my anxiety levels are under control.

It just makes sense that when you ingest the finest nutrition and the food is absorbed correctly your body moves towards wellness – this is where the energy shift is noticeable and you start to feel well and experience dynamic health rather than just passive health.

With the number of health issues surrounding us every day and knowing that around 70% of the population suffers some type of diet related or health related illness, I am proud to be able to help people feel better.

With a large board of scientists, nutritionists, a Nobel Prize Laureate included, I feel very comfortable with what has been put together which is herbal, natural and easy to eat.

These products can help people with any weight management issues, nutrition supplementation, health issues and sports performance and endurance. We also supply outer nutrition products within our skincare products.

With products there is also an amazing business opportunity for people that are interested in either earning extra money without disturbing what they are currently doing or if you are really serious and wish to earn bonuses, royalty income then be prepared to be trained and mentored by those that have already had successful stories. There are substantial rewards for you by helping people with their health and wealth results.

My why is my children and being able to lead an active healthy lifestyle and grow with them and to also provide a financial future for them.

What better way to feel the satisfaction of helping people feel better about themselves and to earn an income. Why not have a look and see if it is something you may consider, you never know unless you try. Best of luck and good health and success always.